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Monday, March 30, 2009

Retired IIT,IIM faculty can be resident Scholars-Mehta Commitee report

Distinguished faculty members from premier institutes such as IISc, IITs, IIMs, and IISERs can look forward to continuing at the institute even after retirement -- if the report of the pay committee for central technical institutions is accepted. In a report submitted to the Human Resources Ministry last month, the committee has recommended the creation of a ‘Scholars in Residence’ position to enable retired professors to continue working.

The six-member committee, headed by former IISc director Professor Govardhan Mehta, says in their report: “The institutions must retain their own faculty even after they have formally superannuated from service.

Such distinguished members of the faculty not only serve as mentors and inspirational figures but also help sustain an environment of academic excellence on the campus by being around and available to other colleagues and students for guidance and consultation.” The committee has recommended the creation of 10 such positions in each institute, to be invited by the Board of Governors for a period not exceeding 3 years. The scholars will be paid an honorarium in the range of Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000, along with the necessary facilities.

To facilitate professors with extraordinary academic achievements from being entrusted with administrative responsibilities, the committee also recommended the creation of the post of ‘Institute Professors’.

These professors will receive a minimum basic pay of Rs 62,000 and a grade pay of Rs 13,000.

Pay recommendations Recognising the alarming shortage of faculty in the IIMs and IITs, with as much as 25 to 30 per cent in some institutions, the committee has recommended a significant hike in salaries to improve research. Currently, a professor receives a basic pay of around Rs 20,000; under the new scheme he or she stands to make a minimum of Rs 48,000.

The committee has adopted the system of pay bands over pay scales as the Sixth pay commission has done, but has made two structures -- one for institutes with a four-tier faculty structure and another for a three-tier one(see Table). The recommendations of the committee will apply to central technical institutes such as the IITs, IIMs, IISERs, NITs, IIITs, IISc and other institutions.

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  1. Do not follow the stupidity of Govardhan Mehta. His recommendations are faulty and personal motivated by his friends like U.B. Tewari who wants to continue as much time as in IIT and play his politics. I strongly oppose this proposal. The entire salary structure has several fault by the bogus Govardhan.