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Saturday, March 14, 2009

All-India Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers’ plea for salary arrears

The All-India Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers Association has urged the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangatan to release the salary arrears immediately.

The Association said in a statement here on Friday that the sixth Pay Commission was implemented from September 2008 in all Central Government Departments and 40 percent arrears in salary dues and other benefits were paid in the last year. The remaining 60 percent of the arrears will be distributed during this year. However, the teachers in Kendriya Vidyalayas have not been given the 40 percent arrears along with other Central Government employees.

In the Navodaya and Sainik Schools which implemented the pay revision, 40 percent arrears was paid last year itself, the statement said. The authorities of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangatan, which is an autonomous body, is taking an adamant stand on the issue, the statement said.

The teachers do not want to go for an open agitation as it is examination time. However, they will be forced to launch a country-wide agitation, if the Sangatan did not change their policies, the statement said.


  1. Teachers, it has been rightly said are the shapers of young minds. They are necessarily an essential element in the growth of the nation and yet these are the people to are treated badly when it comes to salaries etc.

    My wife retired as a Post Graduate Teacher in English from a KV in March 2007. She has just received 40 percent arrears following the Pay Commission report. Could you enlighten us on how the Commissions Report is going to affect her monthly pension

    Suresh Kr Pramar

  2. Please visit site 'Pensioners portal" ( in the internet)to know about all about pensions.In Bangalore all the retired (Pre 2006) K V S teachers are paid the first instalment dues only.Please advise all the working and retired teachers to apply for K V S retired teachers IDENTITY CARD well in advance (Details in K V S website).It is very much useful.Please advise them to check for their correct date of birth in their Pension Pay Order.

    It is a common scene that most of the teachers
    keep on checking thousands of pages of note books
    per month and they don't see their Service Book even once in a month!They blindly sign their pay bills without understanding the arithmetic part of it!
    They do not maintain their G P F Passbook or C P F Pass book!They suddenly come to know of the errors just before applying for a loan or retirement.It will be already late then.
    In most of the organization teachers do not have enough Earned Leave or Medical Leave.Earned Leave can be STORED and made into CASH after wards.You cannot store your vacation. But teachers are given mostly compulsory vacation instead of Earned Leave and
    they are happy about it! HAPPY TO LOSE MONEY!
    In the same country and state :- employees working in
    different COURTS enjoy Casual Leave,Earned Leave,Medical Leave and vacation also! HOW?
    Teachers just do not bother! VACATION IS A
    Teachers do not bother to UPDATE their knowledge
    of Govt Rules and Regulations.From INTERNET
    they can learn lot of things to improve their teaching and Service Conditions.Unless they improve their KNOWLEDGE their conditions cannot Improve.No wonder if many of them are denied
    REVISED PAY SCALE and due arrears according to revision 6Th Pay commission Recommendations.
    Only god can save them!

  4. my wife is TGT in KVS.she granted senior scale w.e.f. Aug.2007.Her basic on 1-1-06 was 7775/.can any one give the formula or detail about fixation of her pay as per sixth pay commission.her pay is not fixed yet on sr.scale.

  5. Please kindly visit the web site on Sixth Pay commission Govt. of India you will getb all details.Or write to Editor," Shikshak Sathi",
    7205,Beriwala Bagh,Delhi-110006,explaining your problems.Phone: 01123613590 or Email to
    shikshak ....S R Jayapal

  6. I was serving KVS since 1970 & retired as PGT English on Dec 2005. I would like to know am I eligible to receive any benefit from sixth pay commission. I did not opt for pension. I took management share from KVS. Kindly intimate regarding the benifits as I have not received any single peny.Please look into the matter & do the needful. DIPTI ROY (Rtd PGT)

  7. DIPTI
    What happened to your personal Share of C P F with Interest?it will be in lakhs of Rs!.
    Use Right To Information Act and get the copy of your Service Register,by paying Rs 10 only.Meet
    local Association of Govt.of India Pensioners and get clarifications.You can know about all your retirement benefits by reading "RETIREMENT BENEFITS" by SWAMY PUBLICATIONS.This book is available at Jain Book Agency,Near Plaza,Connaugt Place,New Delhi-560001.
    Please read cooment dated 5/9/2009 above.

  8. To Dipti and others:
    You have to read Swamy Publications of 4th,5th and
    6th pay commission related Retirement Benefits.
    in many cases KVS has modified the rules of G O I.You have worked nearly 35 years.Please READ the K V S Accounts Code ,First four pages,published by K V S during 1999--2003.You will find answers for your question

  9. GRATUITY:Management can't deny.
    In a recent Supreme Court Judgement a bench of Justicses B Sudarshan Reddy and R M Lodha said that managements can't deny GRATUITY to an employee as the statutory provision enacted by Parliament can't be defeated by the introduction of any "contract or instrument".What about Organisations and Sangathans which type and circulate new and modified Govt rules and regulations claiming that they have power to do so? So many have changed the Pension Rules,C P F
    Rules, G P F Rules,Leave Rules,Pay fixation Rules Etc!

  10. dear sir,
    i am a prt teacher working in kv for last 25 years,wan to know what are the rules for applying for half pay leave.

  11. also..i have a son of 16 years appearing for 12th standard,i want to apply for child care leave of 1 year,what are the provisions available for the same?
    and will this affect my service in anyway?

  12. Read your Service Book to know how much Half Pay Leave
    you have stored.Read K V S Accounts Code to know
    your eligibility.Teachers are teachers they are not govt.servants .They are treated as gurus not
    as govt servants.Very rarely you will come across
    teachers applying for leave to take care of sixteen year old student.You should know that you do
    not have Medical leave to take care of yourself!
    Then who will give any type of leave to take care of others?